Development of the Asian Tethyan Realm:

Genesis, process and outcomes


2012-2016, 2017(OET)





The Sixth International Symposium of IGCP-589 and excursion in Poland

29 September -- 05 October 2017

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The Fifth International Symposium of IGCP-589 and excursions successfully held in Myanmar

from 25 October to 02 November 2016

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The Fourth International Symposium of IGCP-589 and Post-symposium excursion were held in  Thailand from 26 October to 1 November 2015

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The Third International Symposium of IGCP-589 was held in Tehran, Iran
 on 21-22 October 2014

Pre-symposium excursion in the Alborz (19-20 October)

Post-symposium in Central Iran, Sanandaj-Sirjan and Zagros (23-26 October)


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The Second International Symposium of IGCP-589 was held on 4-5 November 2013 in Boracay Island, Philippines. Post-symposium excursion was conducted in the Panay Island, Philippines


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The First International Symposium of IGCP-589 was held on 27-28 October 2012 in Xi'an, China

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Post-Symposium Excursion was successfully conducted from 29 October to 1 November 2012 in the Qinling Orogen, China.

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The Symposium 34-1 of the 34th IGC "Geological Processes of the construction of Asia" was successfully held on 8 August 2012 in Brisbane, Australia



Conveners: Manuel PUBELLIER (France), REN Jishun (China) and JIN Xiaochi (China)



This symposium is a result of the cooperation between the CGMW project "International Geological Map of Asia (1: 5,000,000) (IGMA5000) and the IGCP-589. The conveners are active participants of both projects.

Asia constitutes a vast area of the world with fantastic geological exhibitions. It is a huge composite continent composed of large cratons and numerous small or micro-continental blocks joined together by a variety of orogens. The Phanerozoic making of Asia is a process that is still in progress. The Asian geology illustrates the procedure from the formation of the oceanic crust to the last stages of the life of mountain ranges, the steps of the creation and disappearance of crustal material, a variety of provinces exposing igneous, metamorphosed, or sedimentary rocks, and various structures like ophiolitic suture zones, lithospheric faults, and large transcurrent faults. The mechanics of crustal extension, rapid opening of marginal basins floored with oceanic crust and subduction zones are also observable as active processes. In order to represent theses geological features, considerable efforts have been put in the recent years into mapping program and syntheses like the IGMA5000, and into IGCP projects targeted on Asian geology. These endeavours gathered numerous Asian countries as well as many scientists of the international community. This session invited scientists to expose new results of regional importance, and participate in debates relative to key issues concerning the geological evolution of Asia.