The development of the Tethyan Realm is such a complicated problem that it remains far from being clarified. Anyhow, execution of successive IGCP projects (321, 411, 516) targeted at geological evolution of (mainly East and South) Asia and other related research projects have contributed much to finding out more constraints on the evolution of the Tethys. Continued study is the only way to find out more appropriate explanations and to approach gradually the truth.

At the business meeting of IGCP-516 (Geological Anatomy of East and South Asia) held on 26 September 2009 during the 5th International Symposium of IGCP-516 in Kunming, China, the participants decided unanimously that a new IGCP project be applied, which might be a successor of IGCP-516. In this way the investigation into the complicated problems related to the geological evolution of Asia can continue.

The present project IGCP-589 “Development of Asian Tethyan Realm: Genesis, Process and Outcomes” is aimed to maintain the existing team and possibly to mobilize more Participants, to carry out multi-disciplinary investigations in related areas, to find out more constraints on the interpretation of the development of the Asian Tethyan Realm, and to contribute to elucidate the history of the Tethys.

The project also seeks to unite geoscientists who have long been working in these areas, or recently become interested in this subject, or would like to start their career with a try in this field.  Together we are stronger!








Development of the Asian Tethyan Realm:

Genesis, process and outcomes


2012-2016, 2017(OET)











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The Sixth International Symposium of IGCP-589 and field excursion were successfully held in Krakow, Poland and the Polish Carpathians from 29 September to 05 October 2017



The Special Issue "Development of the Asian Tethyan Realm" of International Journal of Earth Sciences

Volume 106, Issue 4, June 2017

Edited by Xiaochi Jin and Wenjiao Xiao




The Fifth International Symposium of IGCP-589 and excursions successfully held in Myanmar

from 25 October to 02 November 2016


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The Special Issue "Development of the Asian Tethyan Realm" of Journal of Asian Earth Sciences

Volume 104, Pages 1-228

Edited by Xiaochi JIN and Yunpeng DONG





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